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Welcome! This has been a Long Time Coming...

If you've landed here, thank you! Your presence is a blessing as I move forward in my career as both a Public Historian and Freelance Writer. People like you are interested in history, and you might even want to see what I'm up to! So, welcome. Come on in!

About me:

I am a lifelong Pittsburgher, who has had a passion and interest in African American History since I was about five years old. I have a particular interest in Early and Gilded Age African American History. I'm currently pursuing my second Masters's degree in Public History (my first was in Professional Writing) I love writing and have been published in local newspapers and magazines. I'm also an artist and poet amongst many other things.

I've had a serendipitous and blessed life: I am the first in my family to graduate with B.A. and now will be the first with two graduate degrees. I'm hoping for a third (Did someone say, Dr. Carter?) Why is this important? Because people like me don't get to do this every day. It is both an honor and a privelege to have contributed to the legacy of my family and my community in such a way.

I created my own site after getting so many requests of "How do I reach you?" or "You should definitely start your own history consulting business. I also figured it would be a more streamlined place where I can post my work and share things I think are interesting. It is my hope that as you engage with my content, you will also tell me what is interesting, share what you are working on, and that this will be a place where people who know the value of history will feel safe, welcome, and comfortable. Also, if you're interested

in anything around professional writing, feel free to pop on over to my other site

Talk soon!

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