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Introducing Alonna Carter-Donaldson

So a thing happened and you probably can guess...

I got married on May 21st!

In proper historian mode, my husband and I decided to have a Great-Gatsby-themed wedding, complete with jazz songs and as much 20's jargon as we could muster. I even went as far as to have 1920's style pearl earrings made from a shop on Etsy, and I made wine-bottle centerpieces complete with ostrich feathers and jewels. The best part besides marrying my wonderful man: he was absolutely into every historical touch I attempted to add and wholeheartedly supported it. So, you know he's definitely a keeper! Love ya, Honey!

While the wedding was superb, I wrestled with what to call myself after. Everyone knows me as Alonna J. Carter. Having so much of my professional career tied to my maiden name made it hard for me to decide how to present myself going forward. I wanted to be found, but I wanted to honor my husband as well. So, I decided that I would be Alonna Carter-Donaldson from now on. It is going to be a while before I remember my new name all the time, so I won't expect you all to either! Please feel free to call me Alonna J. Carter if that works for you. I promise I will answer either! The website will stay

Happy Researching,

Alonna Carter-Donaldson

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